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Metabo March specials

We have some Amazing Offers on some Metabo Power Tools. Get powered up with these Tool and battery combos, with 2 to 4 batteries in every set! If you are thinking of getting into the Metabo ecosystem, or just need to expand you battery stock. Now is the time to act! (and you need to act fast).

Metabo SB18 LT – Get 3rd battery Free!

Metabo 18Volt Cordless Impact Drill SB18 LT is a high performance, lightweight and extremely powerful thanks to powerful Metabo 4-pole motor for quick drilling and screwdriving.

Buy Metabo SSD18 LTX Driver and 3x Batteries. Get FREE SB18 LT Drill and Bag

Exclusive to HLS, buy a SSD18 LTX Driver with ample power from 3 4.0Ah batteries; receive a SB18 LT Drill and Bag FREE! Limited to 20 items

Cordless 9inch Grinder – WPB18 LTX BL

  • Metabo WPB36 LTX BL – 36V Cordless 9in Grinder

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World’s first large angle grinder (Ø 230 mm) with battery pack operation for powerful cutting and roughing independent from the mains power.

Widest range of application thanks to extremely large cutting depth of 77 mm.

Unique encapsulated Metabo brushless motor with optimum protection from dust provides quick work progress and the highest efficiency.

Cordless SDS Drills

  • Metabo KHA36 LTX 32 – Cordless SDS+ Hammer Drill

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February Specials from Teng Tools

Teng Tools Mechanics Tool Kit – T3867

The Teng Tools T3867 Tool Set is contains of 37 pieces of mechanics tools including  3/8′ drive tool set containing regular 6 point metric sockets, fibre reinforced ratchet handle, universal joint, 3′ and 6′ extension bars, coupler adaptor, ½’ – 3/8′ adaptor, bits driver with magnetic bits holder, 10 combination spanners, 6 screwdrivers, 4 pliers as well as 26 bits

Teng Tools 3/8″ Drive Socket and Tool Kit – T3848

All you need to deal with any fastener, Sockets, Spanners, Screwdrivers and 6 pliers including a locking pliers. All this is contained within a durable storage case.

Teng Tools Top Boxes

Teng Tools TC806SV Tool Chest’s drawers are fitted with ball bearing slides; provided with a lock and 2 keys, that locks the front sash closed, securing all 6 drawers. Fitted with heavy-duty handles at the sides for transport.

The TC806NF comprises of three full width drawers and three smaller drawers secured by a drop front cover with a combination lock, a plastic tote tray with an aluminium handle is also included. Heavy duty carrying handles on each side of the TC806NF with rubber dipped grips for added comfort. Supplied with rubber feet and ideal for use on it’s own or together with the Teng Tools TC tray or EVA tool control systems to build your own tool kit.

Old Favourites

  • Teng Tools ½” Drive Socket Set – T1221 – 21pcs

    Sale! 135.18
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  • Teng Tools 3/8″ Drive Metric Socket Set – T3839

    Sale! 145.00 99.00 inc.Vat | 80.49 ex.Vat
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Wera Tools, available now from HLS

We are very happy to announce that we now have another high quality, professional tool brand in stock with the addition of Wera Tools to our Store. Wera Tools have both a build quality you can feel the minute you pick up one of their tools, as well as revolutionary design to make small improvements to their tools, that can end up saving you a large amount of time (and frustration).
Read on below and we'll showcase some of our favourite Wera tools in stock right now.


Wera Tools are most famous for their screwdrivers, and rightly so with simple design features like the Kraftform handle and lasertip screwdriver tip, giving you better grip and a better contact in the screw head, meaning far less ruined fasteners and less wasted time.

Screwdriver Sets

Be prepared for any job with Wera’s screwdriver sets. Making sure you have the needed tool when you need it, and having it close to hand with the included wall racks

Screwdriver Bit Sets

  • Wera Screwdriver Bit Set – 39pc Tool-Check Plus

    104.95 inc.Vat | 85.33 ex.Vat
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  • Wera Kraftform Kompakt H1 Woodworking Tool Set

    191.00 inc.Vat | 155.28 ex.Vat
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  • Wera Kraftform Kompakt 60 RA Ratcheting Bit Holder Set – 17pc

    89.50 inc.Vat | 72.76 ex.Vat
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  • Wera Kraftform Kompakt 20 Bit Holding Screwdriver Set – 051021

    54.99 inc.Vat | 44.71 ex.Vat
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Socket Sets

Wera have also expanded their expertise of powerful and quick screw removal to bolts with their range of of socket sets. Wera tools have created the Zyklop range of sockets and ratchet handles.

The Zyklop range all have 3 unbeatable features. A quality build to allow you to transfer more power and to give a long life. A industry leading return angle for confined spaces, by designing both a narrow handle and a highly accurate ratchet mechanism. The last amazing feature of Zyklop ratchets are the many designs to allow you to complete your task at record speed.

  • Wera Zyklop Speed Socket Set – 8100 SC 6

    222.00 inc.Vat | 180.49 ex.Vat
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  • Wera Zyklop Socket Set – 8100SB 6 – 3/8″

    167.95 inc.Vat | 136.54 ex.Vat
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  • Wera Kraftform Kompakt H1 Woodworking Tool Set

    191.00 inc.Vat | 155.28 ex.Vat
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Joker Spanners

You may be beginning to see a trend here, but Joker spanners are designed to be the highest possible quality and to greatly improve the ease at which you can work. It has a nut holding function so you can put a nut on a bolt one handed, and a limit stop to prevent the Joker spanner slipping below the bolt head.

Other high quality products available

  • Wera Torx L-Key Set – 9pcs – 967 SPKL/9

    36.64 inc.Vat | 29.79 ex.Vat
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  • Wera Hex-Plus Allen Key Set – 9pc Colour Coded

    39.99 inc.Vat | 32.51 ex.Vat
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The Wera Hex-Plus Allen Keys are one of the most heavy-duty Allen Keys available on the market, with a build quality that’s obvious as soon as you pick them up. The Wera Hex-Plus design both protects the heads of your Allen Keys as well as your bolt heads by creating a greater area of contact.

  • Wera Koloss Ratchet/Hammer – 8002C

    143.00 inc.Vat | 116.26 ex.Vat
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A ratchet is often improperly used as a hammer – particularly when things need to be done quickly. This causes damage to the ratchet head and it quickly becomes unfit for use.

The solution for this problem is the KOLOSS from Wera – the ratchet that can also safely and officially be used as a hammer!

  • Wera Screwdriver Bit Set – 39pc Tool-Check Plus

    104.95 inc.Vat | 85.33 ex.Vat
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The Wera Tool-Check Plus Set is a compact, portable hard-case featuring a huge selection of 25mm bits, Zyklop sockets, adaptors, and handles that are ideal for a multitude of applications.

Any Questions?

Have any questions about any of these products? Or are you looking for a Wera product not listed here?

Please feel free to Contact us today, and we will be happy to help you as best we can.

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Hazet Tools, Now Available from HLS

148 years of tool design by Hazet,
now available from HLS

We are very happy to announce we are now a main dealer for Hazet Tools. We have long been fans of Hazet tools as many of our own technicians did their time working on Agriculture machinery. When they were working on Claas machinery there would be a tool kit with really high quality tools by Hazet.
Now we stock the same quality tools, and have available to order their massive catalogue of quality tools.

Hazet Tools, since 1868

Hazet was established by Herman Zerver in 1868. The name Hazet is derived from Herman Zerver’s initials. 5 generations later Hazet is still owned by the same family.

Hazet have 2 high-tech manufacturing plants in Germany

  • Remscheid is Hazet Tools most advanced plant where forging and CNC-directed production takes place. Their new computer controlled powder coating facilities and welding robots allow them to further improve on the quality of their tools.
  • The Hazet Heinsberg plant on the Dutch border is Hazet’s logistics centre, and is there electroplating and machining plant.

Hazet Cantilever Tool Box – 190L

The Blue and Black Hazet colours are synonymous with the metal cantilever tool box. Since 1868 Hazet having been making high quality tools and the Cantilever tool box has been a staple of there range.


Hazet Tool Box and Organiser – 190L-2

This Hazet tool box is built to be sturdy and to have a long life. On the Inside the box is full of compartments for storage of small tools or components.


Hazet Tools 2017 Catalogue

Hazet's Catalogue contains 1000's of items. If there's something specific you need please contact us and we can get it for you.

Hazet Automotive Partners

Hazet Tools are made to such a high quality and have the finest selection of specialist tools; that some of the biggest names in Cars, Commercial Vehicles and Agricultural machinery use them. Check out some of the names below

Hazet Reccomendations

Hazet Tools Guarantee

Hazet and ourselves are very confident in the quality of Hazet Tools. Which is why all Hazet tools are guaranteed by HAzet.

Hazet will replace any tool showing material defects and/or faulty workmanship. Simply contact us and we will arrange this for you. Click here to see full guarantee terms and conditions

Have any Questions??

Please feel free to contact us should you have any queries about Hazet tools. contact us and we will do all we can to answer you question.

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Metabo Online Shop Now Open

Our website's stock has been massively updated and now is the best Metabo Online Shop in Ireland. We carry the range, we have lots of information and images. And a definite first for Ireland, A Metabo Pick and Mix builder, letting you create your perfect Metabo bundle.

Metabo Online Shop Pick and Mix Builder

We are very happy to add the Metabo Pick and Mix builder to our Metabo Online Shop. This let you build exactly the set you need and an excellent foundation for later addition of power tools.

It’s so simple. Choose the number and capacity of batteries you need. Then pick you power tool body; choose from drills, wrenches, grinders, saws and more. you then have the option to add Metabo Accessories that can be powered by the same batteries, things like lights or a radio; even a phone charger is available.

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Karcher Professional now available from

We are very happy to announce that we are now the local supplier of Karcher Professional. The Karcher Professional range is nothing but impressive from both a design as well as build point of view. The professional range is in a different league to the household yellow machines.
They are designed for professionals working in public and commercial locations. All items are designed for cleaning some of the biggest messes and quickly saving the company time every day.
They're also designed to be durable, capable of working long hours every day with minimum downtime.

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Tool Kits – Our Favourite 5

We have spent the past few days going through all the Tool Kits on our site. We have added a great deal more info on each as well as taking the time to add a detailed breakdown of the contents of each, complete with pictures. Naturally enough after pouring over the Tool Kits I now want one. So I’m going to take the time now to go through our favourite 5 tool kits that we sell.

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Teng Tools Spring Offers 2016

This Offer has now Ended

You’re too late. These offers are no longer available. But there will be more, don’t miss anymore offers by subscribing to our email newsletter, or by following us on Facebook or Twitter


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It's that time of year again, Teng Tools Spring Offers 2016 are out, and the value is unbeatable. Up to half price off a range of products, everything from socket sets, to full tool kits.

HLS Exclusives, Better than the Catalogue!

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