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Oil & Additives

We stock a huge range of oils and additives to cater for every need.
Our selection includes products from some of the industries most trusted names, including Lucas Oils, Innotec, Cataclean, and K-seal.

As well as stocking a range of oils for just about every need, we also stock a massive range of oil additives.

These additives include engine cleaners, head gasket repair additives, cooling system leak sealants, and power steering system sealants. Whether you are just looking to top your oil or repair a blown head gasket, we have a solution in stock.

Order online for quick delivery, or pop in and see us at our Ashbourne showroom and discuss your requirements with our friendly staff.

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17.50 inc.Vat
8.50 inc.Vat
4.00 inc.Vat

Oil & Additives

Dipetane Emmissions Reducer

11.0036.00 inc.Vat


DPF Doctor

27.50 inc.Vat
46.00 inc.Vat
15.00 inc.Vat
17.00 inc.Vat
25.00 inc.Vat
73.70 inc.Vat
46.00 inc.Vat
17.00 inc.Vat
25.0087.00 inc.Vat
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17.0043.00 inc.Vat
9.02 inc.Vat