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Knives and Cutting Tools

Our wide range of knives and cutting tools has your cutting needs covered, whatever they are. From Leatherman multitools to classic Stanley knives, the entire range is of the highest quality to keep you cutting for years to come.

Our knives are available in a huge variety of styles – foldaway and sliding blades. Replaceable blades and permanent blades, and all designed with a keen eye for practicality and safety.

The quality that runs throughout our entire range is also present in our saw selection. We stock a massive range of saws, all of which are equipped with high-quality blades to make the task of sawing any material that much easier.

Our entire range is available online, with fast delivery available throughout Ireland.

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Knives and Cutting Tools

Swiss Army Floral Knife

16.00 inc.Vat

Knives and Cutting Tools

Swiss Army Ranger Knife

48.00 inc.Vat

Knives and Cutting Tools

Swiss Army Outrider Knife

58.00 inc.Vat
Out of stock

Knives and Cutting Tools

Swiss Army Huntsman Knife

36.02 inc.Vat
19.68 inc.Vat
Out of stock
18.58 inc.Vat
7.81 inc.Vat
2.24 inc.Vat
3.62 inc.Vat
24.81 inc.Vat
18.49 inc.Vat
Out of stock
9.25 inc.Vat
1.62 inc.Vat
1.75 inc.Vat
30.99 inc.Vat
26.85 inc.Vat
39.05 inc.Vat