Commercial vehicle manufacturers are constantly in a race to keep up with regulations that are continually being updated to reduce the emissions from vehicles. In order to meet the current standards on the particulate matter emitted from the exhaust pipe, many manufacturers fit a Diesel Particulate Filter, also known as a DPF. Over time as this filter becomes loaded with particulate matter, which may cause problems for your vehicle; these include:

Increased Fuel consumption

Decrease in power

Increased service intervals

Dashboard warning lights

What we Do

At HLS, we specialize in DPF cleaning for heavy-duty vehicles and machinery. We have developed the DPF Regen System to carry out full DPF cleaning, removing upwards of 95% of soot and soot plugs. After going through our cleaning process, your filter will be as good as new giving it back its original lifespan and ensuring optimal performance.

We cater specifically to Trucks, Buses, Loaders, Diggers, Tractors, Combine Harvesters, Bulldozers, Dumpers, Excavators, and Generators. Our expertise lies in handling the complex and robust DPF systems of these large-scale vehicles and machinery.

Simply drop the DPF into us or arrange for collection. We also offer a fast turnaround service, so your machinery won’t be stopped for too long.

We will give it a thorough inspection and let you know of any damage to the internal structure prior to DPF cleaning. We also keep full records on your DPF so you can refer to its condition at any time.

The DPF Regen System causes no damage to your DPF as it uses clean high-speed air at pressures Diesel Particulate Filters are designed to withstand daily, and thermal regeneration at temperatures determined by vehicle manufacturers. Unlike some cleaning systems, we use no corrosive chemicals, and our system doesn’t require it to be submerged in cleaning solutions.

Our System

  • Prior to any cleaning, the DPF is inspected both visually, internally, and externally for damage.
  • This establishes the condition of the filter, the level of cleaning required, and the duration.
  • All findings are recorded and kept on file.
  • After the initial cleaning, the DPF is inspected again and tested.
  • All filters are put through our own DPF Cleaning booth, which blasts clean, safe air, cleaning out the filter cells.
  • In some cases where the DPF has excessive quantities of soot, the DPF would require Thermal Regeneration.
  • After all particulate has been reduced to ash, the DPF is again pneumatically cleaned.

We provide DPF Cleaning for the following vehicles with modular Type Filters

Please note that our services are tailored to heavy-duty vehicles and machinery. We are unable to provide DPF cleaning for regular vehicles like cars and vans. This focus allows us to deliver the highest standard of service for the vehicles we specialise in.

What is a DPF

Since 2007, the amount of allowed metal particulate matter a vehicle can emit has been reduced by 90%. These new regulations are called Euro 6 or Tier 4. In order to comply with these emission standards, it is now common for diesel engine manufacturers to install an AdBlue system, a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) or a combination of both.

A DPF filter is a very basic filter that simply catches the small particles and stores them. Some filters just store them until the whole filter is disposed of, some vehicles have an onboard regeneration system that burns off the soot at certain intervals. However, most DPFs will require removal and professional cleaning at some stage.

Our DPF Regeneration System will remove 95% of soot and particles within a DPF, even particles that a built-in regeneration system can’t remove, greatly extending its lifespan and saving you money.

Benefits of our System

Our DPF Regen System is the perfect choice for regenerating your DPF. We can provide you a with a fast turnaround of your DPF with excellent customer service and support. Designed in-house by HLS, who have over 25 years of experience with industrial and commercial vehicles, and in consultation with OEM plant suppliers.

  • The DPF Regen System uses a unique circular cleaning pattern giving almost 100% coverage, ensuring every cell is cleaned while also ensuring the perfect weighting is given to the heavier blocked cells in the centre.
  • We offer thermal regeneration (only required in some circumstances) to reduce stubborn soot or other contaminants to ash.
  • Our DPF cleaning system is fully safe and will cause no damage to your DPF, it will only extend its life span. We don’t use corrosive chemicals or caustic acid baths, just clean air.
  • Also, prior to cleaning, we carry out a full inspection, so if there is any internal damage to the substrate, we won’t make it worse.
  • As the DPF Regen System removes almost over 95% of the contained soot, there is no reduction in the cleaning interval. Your vehicle will require less maintenance and get the best possible fuel efficiency.

HLS: Your Trusted Partner for DPF Cleaning & Regeneration

With our commitment to quality, fast turnaround times, and a process that prioritizes the longevity of your DPF, we ensure that your machinery is in the best hands. Choose HLS for a service that understands and caters to the specific needs of your heavy-duty vehicles and off-road machinery.

Don’t miss out on this limited time opportunity to extend the lifespan of your DPF and enhance the efficiency of your equipment for just €275.00 ex VAT.