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Blåkläder garments just love dirty workshops, muddy building sites, weld spatter and grinding wheel sparks. Cold winter days, drizzle and biting winds are also welcome.

This is because Blåkläder garments are designed to protect you when you work in exposed environments.

That’s why you will not find any ties in their range, but you will find garments which meet a professional’s demands for wear resistance and function. They believe that you demand as much from your working clothes as from your tools or your colleagues. So choose workwear that last. Choose Blåkläder.

Blåkläder has produced and distributed working clothes since 1959, mainly for the Swedish market. Blåkläder are now one of Sweden’s largest manufacturers in the heavy-duty working garment field. Their annual production is about 2 million garments, from our own factories.

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Blaklader belt

18.00 inc.Vat
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Blaklader knee pads tube

33.00 inc.Vat

Safety and Workwear

Blaklader 3D Logo Hoodie

53.00 inc.Vat
Out of stock

Safety and Workwear

Blaklader Knitted Beanie Hat

15.00 inc.Vat

Safety and Workwear

Blaklader 3D T-Shirt

20.00 inc.Vat

Safety and Workwear

Blaklader Knee Pads

24.00 inc.Vat
180.00 inc.Vat


Blaklader T-Shirt

10.00 inc.Vat
75.00 inc.Vat