Dipetane Emmissions Reducer

Reduce Fuel Costs and Help The Environment
-Dipetane cleans DPF’s, valves, pistons, and injectors, helping your engine last longer. Reduces emissions, positively contributing to the environment. And it also helps improve fuel economy, saving you money.

Reduce Pollution By 25%*
-Dipetane can do this by increasing the air / fuel mixing rate, creating cleaner combustion in the combustion chamber and reducing emissions.

Up To 50% Less Smoke
Dipetane will cause soot and other internal combustion deposits find the way out the engine through the complete combustion process created by Dipetane fuel technology.

Increased Engine Life
-Improved combustion increases lubricity within the engine, leading to less engine friction and wear and this means less engine maintenance.

Dipetane Enables More Complete Fuel Combustion

Suitable for All Engines.
Dipetane is a 100% hydrocarbon liquid fuel treatment as opposed to an additive. This unique fuel treatment technology results in increased fuel efficiency, minimal carbon deposits and reduced emissions. Simply add to your fuel as liquid is self-mixing.

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