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Head and Face Protection

Our comprehensive range of head and face protection gear keeps you and your customers safe in all circumstances. From face masks to safety glasses, from safety helmets to ear protectors, we have them covered.

Whether you are a professional or an occasional DIYer, safety is always the prime concern. That’s why at HLS, we also make sure that our range of head and face protection is of the highest possible quality.

Our range covers everything you need to keep you and those around you safe including, medical face masks, safety glasses and goggles, safety helmets, ear protectors, respiratory masks & filters, and much more.

We also stock a range of accessories that includes press to check filter testers, visor carriers, and restraining kits.

All our products are available with fast delivery from our online store or at our Ashbourne showroom.

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3.00 inc.Vat
5.83 inc.Vat
2.25 inc.Vat
20.00 inc.Vat

Safety and Workwear

3M Respiratory Cartridge Filter

20.53 inc.Vat

Safety and Workwear

3M Half Face Mask Respirator

30.00 inc.Vat
25.50 inc.Vat
16.51 inc.Vat
2.46 inc.Vat
29.89 inc.Vat
Out of stock
62.50 inc.Vat
12.00 inc.Vat

Safety and Workwear

Snickers Beanie Hat – 9084

17.00 inc.Vat
Out of stock
1.97 inc.Vat
1.87 inc.Vat