At HLS, we have implemented Lincoln lubrication systems into countless machines over the years.  This page highlights just a few of the interesting projects we have been involved in:

Tara Mines:

We fitted new Lincoln pumps to the zinc flotation tanks at Tara Mines. The installation will automatically lubricate 96 grease points with a pre determined grease quantity  There are 2 Lincoln P203 pump units, with 8kg grease reservoirs and integrated timers. The pumps have an add-on alarm system to give a warning signal to the control room in the rare event of a fault.

Also for Tara Mines we have installed Lincoln 215 pumps to all their underground crushers. The crushers are vital pieces of plant and bearing failure can cause tens of thousands of Euros in repair costs. These Lincoln pumps are running constantly and distribute a pre determined quantity to each bearing while the plant is operating. In this case the 215 reservoir holds 30kg of Grease.

Turmec Engineering:

Turmec engineering are a leading producer of recycling equipment. In the recent past we have completed numerous installations to items of recycling plant and equipment. The installations have taken place throughout the country in various large recycling facilities and have ranged from six points on a single recycling Trommell to a hundred points on a complete plant.

Gypsum Industries:

Gypsum Industries in Kingscourt are a firm believer in Lincoln equipment as well as our services. We have recently installed several Quiklube systems to the new crushing equipment at the reopened Drummond mine.

Wyeth Medica:

Wyeth Medica in Newbridge were experiencing bearing failure in their massive cooling fans, the failure was occurring because the fans could not be shut down for lubrication purposes. Having completed several other successful projects  for Wyeth we were called in to propose a solution to their problem. Each of their 11 cooling towers are now fitted with a Lincoln pumped lubrication system and Wyeth can expect to save €0000’s over the coming years.


A recent problem at Kepaks burger manufacturing plant in Glasnevin was overcome by the installation of an automated lubrication system. Their Formax machines, which mold the burgers were wearing out a brass sliding block every 6 weeks. The repair meant that the machine had to be taken out of a busy production schedule. By installing a centralized lubrication system to the machine and using specialized lubricant, the part now lasts approximately six times longer.