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Led Lenser

When it comes to shining a light on it, quality matters. At HLS, our range of LED Lenser torches and headlamps will never let you down.

We understand the importance of using quality tools in the workplace and when it comes to shedding a light on those dark corners or for those late-night callouts, LED Lenser delivers that quality.

We stock a massive range of torches and head torches to suit every requirement. All our LED Lenser lamps feature long battery life, powerful lumen output and are manufactured to withstand all the rigours of the harshest working conditions.

LED Lenser is renowned for the meticulous care taken in the design of manufacture of all their products, and we believe that these lights should be an essential tool on every tool belt and kit.

Order your torch online for fast delivery throughout Ireland or come and see the power of the LED Lenser range for yourself at our Ashbourne showroom.

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