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Wera Tools

They say a bad workman always blames their tools. At HLS, our range of Wera tools means you never have to make such excuses.

Wera is a name that is synonymous with quality. All their tools are manufactured from the highest quality materials and to exacting engineering standards. Wera tools include – screwdrivers, socket sets, ratchets, spanners, and screwdriver bit sets – all designed to make even the toughest of jobs that much easier.

At HLS, our philosophy has always been to deliver the utmost quality at the fairest price, and our range of Wera products allows us to do just that. We can supply individual screwdrivers and spanners individually or in sets and a range of socket sets to suit all requirements.

Our Wera range is available with quick delivery from our online shop or our Ashbourne showroom. We also offer a 1-hour pickup service from our Ashbourne base.

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