Tool Kits

Tool Kits are the ideal starting point if you are just starting out, get a wide range of the most commonly used tools in one go.

Even if you have loads of tools, these tool kits will make your life easier as everything has it’s place. Don’t just pile everything into a box, with these tool kits you can find tools quickly and quickly know when a tool is missing, whether through your own fault or “borrowed” tools.

And it doesn’t hurt that the price of these tool kits are far lower than the parts individually.

Be sure to check the tool kits contents before you buy, some tool chests are tailored to different industries, like you mightn’t need those oil filter wrenches. If you don’t find one to suit, why not contact us and we can do a deal on a tool kit customised to you.

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Showing 1–16 of 28 results