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Additives and Treatments

HLS has been supplying all things fuel and lubricant related for decades. This expertise means that when it comes to additives and treatments, we understand that quality matters!

To this end, we stock only the finest products manufactured by some of the best known and trusted names in the industry. Elf and Novatio have been at the forefront of the additive industry for decades, and we are proud to be able to bring the quality of their products to our customers.

Whether you are looking for 2-stroke oil, diesel additives, or cooling system cleaners, radiator sealants, and more, we have the ideal product at fantastic price points.

Our entire range can be ordered online with fast delivery or is available for pick-up from our Ashbourne showroom.

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8.78 inc.Vat
9.08 inc.Vat
8.81 inc.Vat
11.81 inc.Vat
8.08 inc.Vat
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20.50 inc.Vat
20.50 inc.Vat
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Novastop Oil Additive

47.23 inc.Vat
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2.00 inc.Vat