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Fuel and AdBlue Equipment

At HLS, we are experts in all things fuel and lubricant related. That’s why you can be sure that our entire range of fuel and AdBlue equipment is guaranteed to be of the finest possible quality.

When it comes to handling fuel and fluids, using equipment you can trust is essential. Our entire range of fluid handling equipment will give you the trust you need. Whether you are looking for a simple filter or need the accuracy of a precision-engineered fuel metre, we have the perfect solution.

Our range includes equipment from some of the most reputable names in the industry, including BGS Technic, Groz and Piusi.

Available online for fast delivery, or pop in and see us at our Ashbourne showroom.

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Piusi Cube 56

604.20 inc.Vat
147.00 inc.Vat
38.37 inc.Vat
47.03 inc.Vat
73.00 inc.Vat
Out of stock


BGS Technic Hose Pump

11.45 inc.Vat
27.00 inc.Vat
Out of stock
185.04 inc.Vat
Out of stock
203.36 inc.Vat
9.00 inc.Vat
Out of stock
81.57 inc.Vat


Diesel Hose Kit

90.20108.24 inc.Vat
25.01 inc.Vat
45.01 inc.Vat