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Workshop Safety Equipment

At HLS, we have safety in the workshop covered. Our comprehensive range of safety gear is specially selected to ensure it offers the best possible levels of protection.

From chemical spills to protecting your smartphone from the rigours of the workplace, we have a safety solution to suit. Our range of workshop safety equipment includes kneepads, smartphone pouches, first aid kits, trolleys, hazard warning tape, and more.

Safety in the workplace is a legal requirement, and our range of safety gear helps to ensure that your legal obligations are met.

As with all our stock, we strive to provide the best possible quality, and when it comes to safety gear, this is something we take extremely seriously. We believe that our range of safety gear is the best on the market.

All our workshop safety equipment is available from our online store, or why not visit us at our Ashbourne showroom.

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Measuring and Marking Out Tools

Prexiso Infrared Thermometer

85.00 inc.Vat


Spill Kit

20.0075.00 inc.Vat

Safety and Workwear

Maintenance & Chemical Spill Pads

1.00 inc.Vat
Out of stock

Hand Tools

Hazard Warning Tape

8.68 inc.Vat
8.68 inc.Vat
22.00 inc.Vat
47.00 inc.Vat
119.00 inc.Vat
85.00 inc.Vat
Out of stock
12.00 inc.Vat
Out of stock
18.00 inc.Vat