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Metabo Cordless Tools Summer Sale

Act fast because there's a sale on metabo cordless tools. Don't miss this opportunity because they don't come around very often. Metabo cordless tools of all types are on sale including drills, drivers, grinders, saws and much more.

Metabo cordless tools are the best power tool ecosystem out there, each individual tool is built to the highest quality, with the best components and the best after-sales care. The full range of Metabo cordless power tools works perfectly together, all sharing the same battery packs, coming in a storage case that clips together, and providing a range of add-ons like lights, fans and radios that keep you working, all on battery power.

Metabo Cordless Tools Battery Pack Sets

Metabo cordless Tools Battery Pack Sets are the new foundation of the metabo cordless tools range, they greatly simplify starting a tool set for yourself, as well as creating a fantastic storage system by having all your tools and accessories clip together for storage and transport.

Also new are the LiHD batteries, this batteries actually perform better in high current and demanding Metabo cordless tools greatly increasing power output and runtime.

Cordless Drills

Metabo have always made excellent cordless drills, but this year they have expanded them to include brushless motors and even an SDS+ drill running off the normal 18V battery pack.

Metabo cordless drills are suitable for a wide range of applications, pretty much any job a corded tool can do. These include construction, trade, metal-work, small and large screws and extreme torque.

Cordless Impact Drivers and Wrenches

Another range of tools that you don’t expect to work by electric motor let alone on battery power. But Metabo’s power tools certainly can. Our own shop was extended by putting up a steel frame mezzanine floor, and every bolt was put in with a Metabo cordless impact wrench… on one battery charge.

Cordless Saws

We have every type of saw in metabo cordless tools range on sale.

The most impressive addition to the range is the KGS18 LTX 216 cordless mitre saw, this saw is very powerful, fully adjustable and portable. The cordless design new doesn’t mean you have to run wires outdoors when your creating dust.

Metabo Cordless Tools Accessories

This is where the Metabo cordless tools ecosystem really adds value, these accessories really can make you life easier on site. You can always be certain you will have a light or a radio or even charge your phone, even if the site doesn’t have power.