Piusi CFD70-30 Diesel Filter Element

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Piusi CFD70-30 Diesel Fuel Filter Element

High quality diesel filter element replacement, for use to separate and absorb the impurities or water present in the pumped diesel.

The delivery filter is a water absorbing cartridge. These filters guarantee the fundamental protection of motors using station dispensed diesel.

The absorption of water however gradually causes a reduction in filtering capacity and consequently increases head loss caused by the filter. All waterlogged filters should be replaced. Any water or impurities are cleaned out by a valve set in the bottom of the container.


  • Filtering capacity 30 µm
  • For use for pumps up to 70  l/min
  • Operating pressure 3.5 bar
  • Bursting pressure 10 bar
  • Filters to as low as 30 micron

This is a Diesel Fuel Filter Element replacement for Piusi CFD 70-30 Diesel Fuel Filter.

 SKU: R15415

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