Groz Flow Fuel Filter FFL-02

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High performance Flow Fuel Filter, complete with 10 micron fuel filter element.

Groz fuel filter has a lightweight and durable design which gives easier installation either on stationary, fuel tanks, gasoline or diesel fuel pumps.

 Ideal for use in agricultural & industrial applications. Excellent in removing scale, grit, dirt, sand lint and even the small particles of rust with a flow of 19 litres/ minute.


  • Complete with 10 micron fuel filter element.
  • Rust & Weather resistant guaranteed. 
  • Wetted Components: Aluminium, Polypropylene, NBR, Steel, Paper element, Nylon, Brass.

Recommended to be use for Gasoline, Diesel Fuel. Do not use with water based products, Gasohol, Aviation fuels, Race fuels.

Weight 2.2 kg


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