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Graco Automatic Lubrication System Installed onto a Volvo EC380E Excavator

Last week we completed an install of a Graco Automatic Lubrication pump to a brand new Volvo EC380E excavator at the Pat O’Donnell & Co Dealership.

This Volvo EC380E Excavator has been fitted with a Graco G1 Plus Grease Pump with a built-in on/off timer. The Grease pump was mounted behind the driver’s cab for ease of access and refilling. A metal plate which can be seen in the pictures below was welded onto the arm of the excavator, with a progressive divider valve mounted on the inside of the plate out of harm’s way. The aim is to prevent this important component from getting knocked off and ensures that each lubrication point receives the right of lubrication at the right time, increasing the uptime of the excavator.

We maintain a vast database of machines and the parts required to fit an automatic lubrication system. We are happy to provide our customers a self-install kit to save you the labour cost of fitting a automatic lubrication system. This in conjunction with Graco excellent fitting instructions make the jump to automatic lubrication easy and even more cost effective.

Gallery of pictures, showing the installation process of the Graco G1 Plus Pump onto the Volvo EC380E Excavator.

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