First Graco G-Mini Automatic Lubrication Pump fitted by HLS

For 4 months a potato peeler in Tayto Crisps has being reliably greased by the brand new Graco G-Mini pump. Don’t let this pumps small footprint fool you, it’s full of features that you won’t find on competitors larger pumps.

  • Low level alarm reminds the operator to refill the reservoir and prevents the system of airlocking
  • Optional heater allows operation up to -40°C
  • Available in 2 reservoir sizes, 0.5L and 1L
  • Available with a built in controller, or can be used with an external in-cab controller.

This compact pump is a perfect fit for this application, easily up to the task of lubricating the many points of this machine working long hours every day, but being compact so as not to be an obstruction in this constricted area.

HLS are very proud to be chosen to test a prototype and give feedback on the design of the G-Mini pump and would like to think our 20+ years of Automatic Lubrication experience contributed to creating a quality product.