Why Everyone is Talking about CAT Power Tools

CAT Power Tools

Since 1925 Caterpillar has been a brand that is known for excellence in whatever they do. The Caterpillar Tractor Company was formed when two rival manufacturers merged. The name came later when it was noted that one of their innovations made their trademark tractors look as if they were crawling.

Since then, the company has continued to innovate and expand its product lines. What is most surprising is that it took them so long to move into the power tools niche. But they have done so now, and Caterpillar’s reputation for design excellence and innovation is highly evident throughout their range.

This blog looks at the reasons why CAT power tools have had such a massive impact since their launch.

What is included in the Caterpillar Power Tool Range

When CAT decided to enter the power tool market, they didn’t do it half-heartedly. As ever with CAT, they put a huge amount of resources into the project. The result is a full range of superbly engineered power tools that cover most of the usual bases.

Included in the range are:

  • Cordless and Corded Tools (more about the batteries later in the article)
  • Demo and Rotary hammers
  • Drills, impact drills, hammer drills, drivers
  • Angle Grinders
  • Recip and circular saws

As well as all the usual suspects listed above, the range also includes sanders, jigsaws, radios, lights, heat guns, and planers, to name a few. This is fantastic for those who like to keep all their power tools from one supplier. This has obvious advantages like cutting down on the number of separate batteries and chargers that need to be carted around job sites.

CAT Power Tools – Impressive Cordless Performance

The range of batteries is as you’d expect, with one notable exception. Standard batteries include the usual 18V lithium-ion models that come in various sizes. But of particular interest is CAT’s 5Ah graphene polymer lithium battery.

What is special about this battery is primarily the charge time. According to CAT, this battery can be fully charged in under twenty minutes when used with CAT’s quick charger. This is music to the ears of anyone that has wasted valuable time waiting for batteries to charge.

The full range of Caterpillar Power Tools Batteries is listed below:

  • DXC4 – 4A Battery Charger
  • DXC15 -15A Battery Charger
  • DXB2 – 2.0Ah Li-ion Battery
  • DXB4 – 4.0Ah Li-ion Battery
  • GXB5 – 5.0Ah Graphene Battery

The Caterpillar Tool Range Close-up

Looking into every detail of every model in the CAT range of power tools is too much for one article. So in this section, we have chosen a few highlights to demonstrate just what you get for your money.

Cordless and Corded Drills and Impact Drivers

Included in the CAT range is a massive selection of corded and cordless drills and impact drivers. Across the entire range, quality and attention to detail are apparent. Most of the range features brushless motors, metal gearboxes, massive torque ranges, and LED work lights.

As an example of the performance, you can expect from these models, the CAT Impact Driver boasts a phenomenal 215 Nm of torque.

18V Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill

Once again, CAT has packed this tool with innovation and design excellence. Included in the features are advanced digital overload protection, enhanced safety thanks to an integrated electric clutch and stop tool, and a unique setting for easy drilling of ceramic tiles.

It also has all the usual features that you’d expect to be included in any quality rotary hammer drill.

18V CAT Multi-Tool

Lightweight and durable, the CAT multi-tool features a brushless motor, ergonomic handling, and a dual-LED light to keep you on the right track in even the darkest corners.

Amongst the other notable features of the CAT multi-tool are a quick-change accessory system, a universal accessory adapter that allows compatibility with most other oscillating tool brands, and variable speed settings.

The CAT multi-tool also comes supplied with a 14-piece sanding and cutting accessory set, which is always a bonus.

185mm 18V Circular Saw

Power is essential with a circular saw, and it is apparent that CAT has spent a lot of time making sure their circular saw delivers just that. Despite the impressive power that the saw provides, it doesn’t come at the cost of weight.

The Caterpillar circular saw has been designed using an aluminium guard and a magnesium alloy base to keep the weight down. These aren’t the only features of note. The CAT circular saw also has an advanced digital overload system, dust-blower and LED lights to keep your cuts on straight & narrow, and an electronic brake system.

Cordless Rotary Sander & Polisher

The quality is apparent the moment you pick up the CAT rotary sander and polisher. Once again, the brushless motor supplies all the power you will ever need. The sander also boasts speeds that can be varied from 3000 to 11000 orbits.

Good ergonomics are essential for large sanding jobs, and the CAT rotary sander has this covered too. The over-moulded rubber grip means you can comfortably keep sanding on even the longest jobs. Design excellence is also apparent when it comes to changing paper. The simple yet effective hook-and-loop system makes this an absolute breeze.


At HLS, we are committed to supplying the finest tools the market has to offer and at great prices. That’s why we are proud to team up with Caterpillar. This is a company whose pedigree speaks for itself. For nearly a century, they have been designing and manufacturing products that set industry standards, and their range of power tools is now part of this fine tradition.

If you want to know more about our range of Caterpillar Power Tools, why not contact us today, or drop into our Ashbourne showroom and see the quality of CAT power tools for yourself.