Wera Tools, available now from HLS

We are very happy to announce that we now have another high quality, professional tool brand in stock with the addition of Wera Tools to our Store. Wera Tools have both a build quality you can feel the minute you pick up one of their tools, as well as revolutionary design to make small improvements to their tools, that can end up saving you a large amount of time (and frustration).

Read on below and we’ll showcase some of our favourite Wera tools in stock right now.

Wera Tools are most famous for their screwdrivers, and rightly so with simple design features like the Kraftform handle and lasertip screwdriver tip, giving you better grip and a better contact in the screw head, meaning far less ruined fasteners and less wasted time.

Be prepared for any job withZyklop range. Making sure you have the needed tool when you need it, and having it close to hand with the included wall racks

Wera have also expanded their expertise of powerful and quick screw removal to bolts with their range of of socket sets. Wera tools have created the Zyklop range of sockets and ratchet handles.

The Zyklop range all have 3 unbeatable features. A quality build to allow you to transfer more power and to give a long life. A industry leading return angle for confined spaces, by designing both a narrow handle and a highly accurate ratchet mechanism. The last amazing feature of Zyklop ratchets are the many designs to allow you to complete your task at record speed.

You may be beginning to see a trend here, but Joker spanners are designed to be the highest possible quality and to greatly improve the ease at which you can work. It has a nut holding function so you can put a nut on a bolt one handed, and a limit stop to prevent the Joker spanner slipping below the bolt head.

Other high quality products available

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The Wera Hex-Plus Allen Keys are one of the most heavy-duty Allen Keys available on the market, with a build quality that’s obvious as soon as you pick them up. The Wera Hex-Plus design both protects the heads of your Allen Keys as well as your bolt heads by creating a greater area of contact.

A ratchet is often improperly used as a hammer – particularly when things need to be done quickly. This causes damage to the ratchet head and it quickly becomes unfit for use.

The solution for this problem is the KOLOSS from Wera – the ratchet that can also safely and officially be used as a hammer!

The Wera Tool-Check Plus Set is a compact, portable hard-case featuring a huge selection of 25mm bits, Zyklop sockets, adaptors, and handles that are ideal for a multitude of applications.

Have any questions about any of these products? Or are you looking for a Wera product not listed here?
Please feel free to Contact us today, and we will be happy to help you as best we can.