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Wera Kraftform 354 Hex Screwdriver

High quality Kraftform Plus screwdriver. Multi-component Kraftform handle for fast and low-fatigue working. Kraftform Plus: hard gripping zones for high working speeds whereas soft zones ensure high torque transfer. Hex-Plus offers a larger contact surface within the screw head.

This reduces the notching effects to a minimum and almost completely eliminates the risk of destroying the screw recess. “Take it easy” Tool Finder: colour coding according to profile and size. The hexagonal anti-roll feature prevents any bothersome rolling away at the workplace.

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5.666.52 inc.Vat

‘-Hexagonal screwdriver Hex-Plus
-Multi-component Kraftform handle for fast and ergonomic screwdriving
-Take it easy tool finder: colour coding according to profile and size
-Hex-Plus allows socket head screws to live longer
-Hexagonal anti-roll feature against rolling away







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