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Teng Tools Ireland’s range of hand tools is now available online at For over 20 years, HLS has been the goto shop in Meath for Teng Tools, and now, the same expertise and value are available anywhere in Ireland in our Online Tool Store. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for affordable and top-quality tools to ease your future handy projects or to fix something at home, as we’re sure that kits by Teng Tools are always the perfect choice for your needs. So let us introduce you to the most popular products from our rich collection.

Buy Teng Tools Tool Kits online at HLS Ireland

We are often on the road, busy, always on the run, and sometimes something might stop working properly on the way. If you’re handy and want to save a bit of money, you might rather choose to repair things on your own, but having a massive toolbox with you is not very practical, but a small Teng Tools SC01 portable set of tools or a practical Teng Tools service case is just on point, right?

Teng Tools Socket Set for All Those Loose Bolts

59.00 inc.Vat

There is always some nut or bolt we need to take off or tighten up, so it’s understandable that the most requested tools by Teng Tools are their socket sets. Liked for their quality and range, available socket sets include metric, imperial, Torx, Hex and Allen keys. They all come with different ratchet handles and accessories, so any bolt can be removed or tightened, no matter how awkward a place it’s in.

Other sets come in carrying cases for out on the road, like the Teng 1.4” socket set of 36 pieces, with ten regular and six deep sockets (some are long for confined areas), a ratchet wrench, extension bars and a bending joint. All this is stored safely in one solid carry case.

Mechanics Tool Set for You on the Road

350.00 inc.Vat

Some of us spend a lot of our daily time on four wheels and therefore need a portable kit to always be on our side just in case an emergency occurs. Teng Tools Ireland also makes excellent mechanics tool kits for quick repairs on the road. They can include different durable screwdrivers, sockets, spanners, ratchets, expanders and much more.

For example, the T3867 has a full socket set, including ratchet and extensions, but in the same case, there are also Teng Tools snips, ten combination spanners, seven screwdrivers, and four pliers, so you have all the tools you need in one place.

199.00 inc.Vat
126.00 inc.Vat
239.00 inc.Vat
110.00 inc.Vat

Get Teng Tool Chests, Boxes and Master Kits for the Ultimate Workshop

If you want to update your workshop, either at home or at your job, and lose yourself of all worries, we have the right solution for you too. Tools scattered all around or a missing hand tool doesn’t help anybody, so you require proper storage. It is essential if:

  1. you don’t want your tools stolen or just borrowed without permission,
  2. you want to see at a glance that you put away all the tools you were using, and
  3. to have all your tools nicely organised in one place.

This is where Teng Tools tool chests and TC storage systems are unbeatable. Every tool has a place, so you can quickly and immediately notice if some of them are missing, and most importantly, put them under lock and key for safe storage.

A great starter tool chest is the Teng Tools 6-Drawer Top Box. With both small and large drawers and a large top section, there’s space for all sizes of tools. You can place tools loosely in the rubber-lined drawers or use the producer’s practical TC Click and fill system. The TC system trays fit perfectly and give tailored storage to stop tools from sliding around.

If you need to expand your tool storage or divide your tools to get a smaller toolbox to take with you in the van, you need the Teng Tools Middle Box. It has three full-width drawers; two drawers are shallow, and one drawer is deep enough to store those larger tools you may have. This Teng Tool box comes with heavy-duty carrying handles on both sides and rubber feet, gentle to all kinds of surfaces you can put the toolbox on.

One of the largest chests is the Roller Tool Chest. With seven drawers, two big enough to hold power tools, you will have ample storage for everything. This Teng Tools roll cab comes on four solid wheels for easy transport around your workshop. The flat top works as a portable table as well. In addition, equipped with a metal handle on the side and a key lock for the drawers, this Teng Tool chest is safe for transporting the tools without worrying about losing them.

All these boxes are also available to buy fully stocked with tools at massive discounts, such as Teng Tools TCMM1055N with 1055 pieces. For example, you can buy the top, middle and bottom box mentioned above with 1001 tools separately, but if bought together, it has €2800 OFF the list price. Check out the Teng Tools Mega Master tool kit by clicking here.

364.00 inc.Vat

Invest Only in the Teng Tools You Need

Besides these great value sets, 99% of all tools are available individually, down to circlip pliers and crimping tools, single sockets, single spanners, snips, and even both ordinary and ratchet screwdrivers and screwdriver bits. So if you’re only looking for new Teng Tools box spares or one specific piece of tool, you can just buy what you need on our pages.

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