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Hazet Tools, Now Available from HLS

148 years of tool design by Hazet,
now available from HLS

We are very happy to announce we are now a main dealer for Hazet Tools. We have long been fans of Hazet tools as many of our own technicians did their time working on Agriculture machinery. When they were working on Claas machinery there would be a tool kit with really high quality tools by Hazet.
Now we stock the same quality tools, and have available to order their massive catalogue of quality tools.

Hazet Tools, since 1868

Hazet was established by Herman Zerver in 1868. The name Hazet is derived from Herman Zerver’s initials. 5 generations later Hazet is still owned by the same family.

Hazet have 2 high-tech manufacturing plants in Germany

  • Remscheid is Hazet Tools most advanced plant where forging and CNC-directed production takes place. Their new computer controlled powder coating facilities and welding robots allow them to further improve on the quality of their tools.
  • The Hazet Heinsberg plant on the Dutch border is Hazet’s logistics centre, and is there electroplating and machining plant.

Hazet Cantilever Tool Box – 190L

The Blue and Black Hazet colours are synonymous with the metal cantilever tool box. Since 1868 Hazet having been making high quality tools and the Cantilever tool box has been a staple of there range.


Hazet Tool Box and Organiser – 190L-2

This Hazet tool box is built to be sturdy and to have a long life. On the Inside the box is full of compartments for storage of small tools or components.


Hazet Tools 2017 Catalogue

Hazet's Catalogue contains 1000's of items. If there's something specific you need please contact us and we can get it for you.

Hazet Automotive Partners

Hazet Tools are made to such a high quality and have the finest selection of specialist tools; that some of the biggest names in Cars, Commercial Vehicles and Agricultural machinery use them. Check out some of the names below

Hazet Reccomendations

Hazet Tools Guarantee

Hazet and ourselves are very confident in the quality of Hazet Tools. Which is why all Hazet tools are guaranteed by HAzet.

Hazet will replace any tool showing material defects and/or faulty workmanship. Simply contact us and we will arrange this for you. Click here to see full guarantee terms and conditions

Have any Questions??

Please feel free to contact us should you have any queries about Hazet tools. contact us and we will do all we can to answer you question.