Mato Lube Shuttle Grease Gun (One-Handed)

Mato Lube Shuttle Grease Gun is a high-quality one-handed gun, with the added benefit of the Lube Shuttle Grease system to give an all round high performing gun

The Mato Lube Shuttle Grease Gun is a one-handed pistol-grip type. When used with the solid pipe and coupler, one-handed lubrication is a breeze, easy to hold in one hand, simply push onto the nipple and give the handle 6-10 squeezes. Designed to last with zinc plated steel barrel, and a solid cast head.

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Cartridge Compatibility


The Accessories can be placed either horizontally or vertically by changing the plug on the upper side of the grease gun

Other advantages of this grease gun due to the Lube Shuttle System is a clear view on the available grease supply and a gun with no venting needed.

Lube Shuttle Cartridge System

Lube Shuttle is the improved grease cartridge system. Loading cartridges can be done with one hand, quickly and effortlessly. Just take off the cap, insert and twist to lock. No need to remove caps top and bottom, load and deal with a plunger.

Click Here to see the Full Advantages and Range of the Lube Shuttle Grease System

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