Novastop Oil Additive

Novastop Oil Additive is the easy and inexpensive repair of costly oil leaks. The Novastop Oil Additive stops and prevents oil leaks in engines, gearboxes, power steering and differentials.

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This oil additive contains no chlorides or solvents ensuring long lasting action. It also protects and renews seals. Novastop Oil has a fast, durable effect and is safe to use.

Novastop engine oil additive is suitable for Turbo, Petrol, Diesel as well as for LGP engines. Also, you can use it for all types of oils. The Novastop oil not only works well with all types of oil but it also leave the job spotless, it impregnates the leaking or hardened seals making them supple again.

With a single treatment you can have the job done perfectly, it rejuvenates all seals in the treated system and acts as a preventive cure. Novastop Oil prevents expensive costs for replacement of leaking seals. This oil green impregnates well the leaking seals making them elastic against dehydration, hardening, shrinking and crystallization.

One of the key advantage of Novastop Oil is a curative treatment which does not need to be repeated. Recommended for engines and installations from 3 years old.

Main features:

  • Seals, protects them against dehydration, hardening, shrinking and crystallization.
  • Curative treatment does not need to be repeated
  • For seals and the conditioning of rubbers, carters, valve covers, coupling pieces, detachable parts, camshaft, crankshaft… Very suitable for turbo, petrol and LPG-engines


  • Composition: liquid oily mixture of selected rubber softeners.
  • Odour: slight oily smell.
  • Density: ca 1.15 +/-0.1 kg/dm3.
  • Solubility: mixable with all oils; soluble in solvents and insoluble in water.
  • Flashpoint: 235°C.
  • Consumption: NOG: 30 ml/l oil; NOB: 35 ml/l oil.
  • Shelf life: 12 months, keep dry, cool and frost-proof.
  • Safety measures: consult the Safety Data Sheet.
  • Bottle size: 250ml
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