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Wera Screwdriver Set – Wera Kraftform General Purpose Screwdrivers

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Wera Screwdriver Set containing 6 screwdrivers made of chrome plated and hardened steel blades, Wera Kraftform are general purpose screwdrivers and the best screwdrivers you could ever get.

Excellent performance screwdrivers with  hardened steel blades and the handle is very comfortable, smooth and easy-to-grip, designed for faster more powerful and less tiring screwdriving action.

The Wera Lasertip tip bites into the screwhead, reducing cam out (prevents slipping out of the screw head) and eliminating the need for two handed screwdriving. 

Set includes he following:

  • 1x Slotted flared tip 6.5 x 150mm
  • 1 x Parallel tip 3.0 x 80mm
  • 1 x Parallel tip 4.0 x 100mm
  • 1 x Parallel tip 5.5 x 125mm
  • 1 x Pozidriv PZ1 x 80mm
  • 1 x Pozidriv PZ2 x 100mm

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