Teng Tools Mini Screwdriver Set – 8 piece

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High class 8 piece Teng Tools mini screwdriver  set complete with 7 double ended blades with one tip in each end and one universal screwdriver handle.

All Teng Tools screwdrivers blades are made of quality alloy steel ensuring better durability and strengths than a standard screwdriver.

This Teng Tools mini screwdriver set is  supplied in a plastic case with snap locks and metal hinges. Suitable to use for slotted heads, cross point and TX heads.

Teng Tools Mini Screwdriver Set Contents:

  • 2.0mm Flat x PH00
  • 3.0mm x PH0
  • 4.0mm flat x PH1
  • PZ0 x PZ1
  • TX5 x TX6
  • TX7 x TX8
  • TX9 x TX10

You can buy a wide range of variety Teng Tools screwdrivers online at HLS. We are pride in delivering high customer satisfaction, therefore if you are having problems in finding a particular item, please let us know and we will be more than happy to help you.


SKU: TM708

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