Weller Table-Top Brazing Torch

This Heavy-Duty Brazing torch is designed for use on tough jobs that require a delicate touch. With features like a built in stand and hands-free operation for easy one hand manoeuvrability.

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10.00 inc.Vat

Comes with a unique safety/hands-free feature. Cannot be started without switch off and safety button held. Once started can be kept on without needing to keep a button pressed for one-handed use.

Features adjustment wheel for controlling flame size and temperature

This blazing torch has a built in Electronic Piezo Automatic Ignition for easy starting

The Portable Weller Table-Top Brazing torch is an ideal blow torch for a wide range of applications including soldering, plumbing, Electronics repair, car repairs, paint and varnish removal, jewelry production, plumbing and more.

Weller Table-Top Brazing Torch Specifications

  • Approximate Soldering Tip Temperature: up to 1300°C
  • Approximate Operating Time: 50 min
  • Gas Container Capacity: 15ml
  • Weight: 275g
  • Size: 175mm x 53mm


This brazing torch can be refilled by Weller’s Pyropen Refill containing butane.

Weight 2.2 kg



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