DPF Doctor

DPF Doctor is an effective cleaner for loosening and removing carbon and soot pollution in the diesel particulate filter system, without having to dismantle the DPF.

Due to its unique foaming the product penetrates deep into the porous ceramic honeycomb body of the filter. DPF Doctor can also be perfectly used to clean the EGR system.
Thanks to its unique dissolving power, DPF Doctor will thoroughly dissolve the saturated and fatty soot substance in the diesel particulate filter (DPF), after which the engine management system can restart the normal regeneration process. Thanks to the extra high pressure in the aerosol can, the product can also do its job in difficult-to-reach places.

Apart from the treatment of particulate filters, DPF Doctor is also perfectly suited for cleaning quickly and thoroughly all other parts contaminated by soot or carbon, such as intake manifolds and valves of combustion engines, EGR systems, cylinder heads and even burners of heating systems.

-High cleaning power due to the foaming action of the product.
-Thoroughly decomposes soot, carbon and grease.
-Suitable for all types of diesel particulate filters (DPF) and EGR valves.
-Can be universally used in all modern diesel engines.
-Soluble in water.

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