During the whole production process, all HAZET tools are subject to stringent quality controls and before delivery ex works they are meticulously checked for  material defects and faulty workmanship.

HAZET offers a total quality guarantee on all tools showing material defects or faulty workmanship. If you detect material defects or faulty workmanship, please send us the tool in question free domicile through your distributor. After inspection by us, we will replace your tool or repair it free of charge, provided that the tool shows a material defect or faulty workmanship.

All adapters are excluded from the guarantee.

The guarantee on sockets for impact operation is limited to material defects and faulty workmanship. The guarantee does not cover the sockets’ normal wear and tear damage.

The guarantee will not be valid for tools which cannot be used any more due to their old age or due to abuse or improper use.

In this context, we emphasise that the operating instructions and safety recommendations of each tool must be strictly observed.

Below are some examples which are considered as “improper use of tools” and are not covered by the guarantee:

  • Exceeding the tool’s normal or prescribed capacity, e.g.
    • The use of a diagonal cutter for a steel thread whose diameter is too large
    • Chisels, centre punches or drift punches that have been used too hard or on a too hard steel surface.
  • The further use of a tool that already shows damage or defects.
  • The operation of screws and nuts with a wrong-sized socket.
  • Tools that have been modified.
  • The use of sockets designated or manual operation on impact wrenches.