Ear Muffs by Hellberg now in stock

We are very pleased to have Hellberg Ear Muffs in stock in our physical and online store. The Hellberg range are a great value but extremely smart family of products that include hearing defenders and face shields. The ear muffs and face visors can be used independently, or assembled into one head piece for a lightweight, complete head safety unit.

Hellberg Ear Muffs then get extremely smart when in the range topping XStream Bluetooth Headset…

Hellberg Xstream LD Ear Muffs

Block out all damaging noise, let voices in all while listening to your favourite music and podcasts with the Hellberg XStream LD EarMuffs.

  • Music streaming with excellent sound quality from your phone via Bluetooth
  • Level dependent Active Listening microphones that allow you to hear voices and other important noises around you at a safe volume.
  • Make phone calls totally hands free with the built in microphones. A boom-microphone is available as an accessory for those who need clearer speech quality in a high noise environment.
  • Comfortable headband with soft padding

Ear Muffs

Hellberg’s primary product are Ear Muffs and they offer a defender for every use case. First they offer a colour coding system to show the 3 levels of sound protection.

There is also a choice of 3 wearing styles. There’s the common head band style. Secondly there’s the semi-permanent Helmet mount. Finally there’s the neckband style ideal for wearing with caps and hats.


Step 1 – Choose your Visor Carrier

Do you want to wear just a visor on your head? Or attach it to Hellberg Headband Ear Muffs for a more lightweight head piece .

Step 2 – Choose your Visor

Hellberg Safety Ear Muffs

Since 1962, Hellberg Safety has been dedicated to bringing you the best hearing protection and face protection products.

It all started in Sweden with Arne Hellberg, a true pioneer who early on understood how important it is to protect the hearing. A prominent sports shooter, he came up with new and advanced ideas when he developed the first hearing protectors in the family garage in the small town of Lerum, for what would become Hellberg Safety. In the early 1960’s the first mass production of hearing protectors began, with most of the manufacturing done in Stockholm and other locations around Sweden.

Since 1997, the Hellberg Safety headquarters are located in Stenkullen, just a stone’s throw from where everything once began.

Snickers Workwear

Hellberg are in good company, they are a sister company of Snickers Workwear. Both Snickers and Hellberg strive for a quality comfortable product, and offer the best customer service.