BD-90 Belt Dressing Aerosol Lubricant

BD-90 Belt Spray is an excellent product as it helps stop belt cracking and restores grip to the drive belts and extends belt life.

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The spray quiets the squeaking fan belts and reduces slipping. It can be used on drive belts exposed to weather and the spray is ideal for farm machines, alternator drive belts, fan belts, and Supercharger/blower belts.

The Belt Spray is very versatile as it can be used on rubber, leather, canvas and most types of synthetic material.

  • Rapidly restores grip to all types of belts
  • Reduces belt slippage and increases pulling power
  • Inhibits hardening and glazing of the belt
  • Eliminates belt squeak
  • Ideal for use on belts in humid or outdoor environments
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