Barrel Bund – Spill Pallet for 2-4 barrels


These barrel bunds are a cheap and reliable solution for managing your oil barrels while maintaining your compliance to environmental regulations.

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Product Description

  • Made in nontoxic roto-molded polyethylene
  • Corrosion Free
  • Self-supporting structure for the storage of acids, saline solutions, oils, non-flammable chemicals and other fluids compatible with polyethylene.
  • Comes complete with durable grate which is removable to ease internal cleaning.
  • These sump pallets are stackable (when empty)
  • Easily handled and moved with forklift through the dedicated pockets for the forks.


2 Barrel4 Barrel
Dimensions1,220 x 820 x 330mm1,280 x 1280 x 280mm
Volume240 litres230 litres
Uniform Distributed Load650 kg1250kg

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