Klingspor 30 x 15mm 80 Grit Flap Wheel

Universal product for steel and stainless steel materials – Even removal rate – Suitable for use in hard-to-reach areas

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  • Applications: Stainless Steel and Metals
  • Bonding Agent: Resin
  • Grain: Aluminium Oxide
  • Shaft Diameter: 6mm

Wide range of applications
The abrasive mop is used in a large number of industries and suitable for an abundance of different applications. Possible applications range from the finish grinding of weld seams to finish sanding surfaces on straight and curved work pieces made of various different types of material.

Optimal finish
Premium-grade grinding flaps with a fan-shape radial arrangement that are firmly anchored by a resign core at the centre of the abrasive mop wheel ensure an optimal adaptation to the contours of the work piece. Klingspor mop wheels provide for very soft and comfortable grinding behaviour and produce identical finishes from the first to the last work piece.

Proven safety
Every Klingspor abrasive mop has been tested according to the guidelines of the oSa directives and is guaranteed to comply with European safety standard EN 12413.


Klingspor Abrasives are a manufacturer of the highest quality industrial sanding and grinding products. Their history is a long one which dates back over 100 years. Klingspor originated in Germany where it is today still one of the world’s largest and most respected abrasive manufacturers making some of the highest quality products for industrial applications. With quality products and budget-conscious prices, Klingspor gives you The Most Sanding Power for Your Money.

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