Turtle Wax INTERIOR 1 400 ML

  • Lifts stains and residues from your dashboard, upholstery, rubber trim, carpet and car seats
  • Neutralizes nasty odours while leaving behind a fresh, light fragrance for a more pleasant driving experience
  • Foaming, triple-action formula deep cleans, protects and deodorises to make car maintenance quick and easy

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Turtle Wax Interior 1 features a triple-action formula specially designed to deep clean rubber, plastic, metal or synthetic surfaces inside your car.

Complete with an ergonomic, detachable cleaning brush, this interior car detailing product easily removes light stains and soils from carpet, car seats, upholstery using a powerful foam cleanser.

Plus, as you scrub, this car carpet cleaner also eliminates unpleasant odours caused by coffee spills, food stains, pets and smoke. It’s the best car interior cleaner around!


How to use it


Vacuum the carpet and upholstery before using product to remove any loose dirt and soils.


Spray foam cleanser onto desired surfaces, covering the whole area to be cleaned.


Use the attached scrub brush or a soft cloth to massage foam into material, concentrating pressure on any stained areas. Do not use Interior 1 on glass.


Use a soft cotton cloth or soft microfiber towel to gently rub over the entire seat, carpet, or interior surfaces until soils are adequately removed and all surfaces are clean.


Turn cloth to a fresh side and wipe all areas dry.


If necessary, vacuum fabrics or carpet again to remove any residual soils or product.

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