• Triple-action formula cleans, conditions and preserves luxurious leather interiors
  • Leather conditioner includes a pH-balanced blend of cocoa butter, aloe vera and others
  • Non-greasy, deep penetrating formula leaves your seats soft, supple and natural-looking
  • Also can be used to clean, refresh and protect vinyl, rubber and plastic surfaces

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Neglecting your leather seats and surfaces can leave them stained, brittle and cracked, the opposites of why you wanted leather to begin with.

Clean, condition and preserve your luxurious leather interior with this thick, rich car leather cleaner.

Formulated as a pH balanced lotion with a heavy dose of cleaners and several leather conditioners, Luxe Leather is the ultimate way to clean and care for expensive leather seats, keeping them soft and supple just like when they were new.

The non-greasy formula penetrates your leather for deep conditioning and never leaves a slippery, artificial shine. Your leather upholstery just looks natural and new.

As a finishing touch, you’ll notice a rich leather scent in your car just like the day you bought it.

How to use it


Wipe or vacuum leather to remove loose soils.


Apply a half-dollar-sized amount of leather upholstery cleaner to a foam or small cloth applicator.


Using a circular motion, massage the cleaner and conditioner into the entire leather seat, replenishing the product as necessary to keep applicator sufficiently wet.


After covering the entire seat, wipe with a soft cotton cloth or microfiber towel and buff to a soft satin look.

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