Isopon FibreGlass Matting 0.55M2

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Isopon FibreGlass Matting for construction of GRP. This is a soft and flexible fibre that can be easily cut to  shape with scissors.  Also, the Isopon Fibreglass Matting can be used to repair holes, cracks, leaks, etc. For Garden Ponds , Guttering, Baths and Sinks, Car Bodies, Boats, Caravans etc.

Once it has been wetted with activated resin, it forms tough Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) which permanently retains its given shape and bonds to most materials.

Use Instructions:

  • Cut glass fibre mat to shape and size
  • Add 2-3cm of FastGlas hardener to each 10ml. of resin and mix thoroughly.
  • Work the mixed and hardener into the glass fibre mat or tissue.
  • From start to finish i 20 minutes.

Size: 0.55M2


Weight 1.1 kg


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