Snickers XTR D3O Craftsmen Kneepads

XTR D3O® Craftsmen Kneepads feature advanced knee protection for extended periods of frequent kneeling. An EN 14404 Type 2 Level 1 rating guards against pebbles, nails, and various debris for use while engaged in work that requires mobility. D30® material offers impact protection while retaining its shape for prolonged work. A curved and highly durable construction ensures the kneepads stay securely in place for continuous comfort. The soft core interior conforms to the knee and distributes pressure when kneeling while also providing flexibility when walking.

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  • EN 14404 Type 2, Level 1 knee protection
  • D3O® material for impact protection
  • Retains shape for extended periods of frequent kneeling
  • Ergonomic design for stability and flexibility
  • 100% Polyolefin and 100% D3O®.
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