Time for Your Perfect Snickers Workwear Size

Buying clothes is about the right size and perfect fit, especially when getting your new Snickers Workwear trousers or jackets online. Online shopping is a helpful tool for saving time, but it can be a bit stressful if you don’t know which size fits you best.

You have no option of trying them right on the spot, and the thought of returning the products is not something you want to deal with after. What then?

HLS Ireland brings you a solution in the form of the ultimate Snickers Workwear size guide. It will surely help you find the size that fits your figure and future craftsmanship adventures in a couple of seconds.

Good measuring is a half job done!

Correct use of our Snickers Workwear size charts requires proper body measurements. The six main measurements you must consider are

A. Body length represents your full height in the straight standing position, from the floor to the top of your head.

B. Chest measurement is the width of your bust at its widest point and the crucial measurement for choosing the size of your jackets and shirts.

C. Waist size represents the horizontal width around your waist at navel height. It is one of the most important measurements to consider when buying trousers and overalls.

D. Lower waist is the horizontal measurement of the body part where you usually place your trousers. 

E. Seat represents the width of your hips at its widest point.

F. Inside leg is the distance from your crotch to the floor in a standing position. It largely determines the choice of the kneepads.

Main Body Size Measurements
Source: Snickers Workwear

5 Tips to Get the Perfectly Fitting Measurement

To measure is not enough! You need to measure your body correctly, too. Succeeding in that mission is just a step away with our following measurement tips.

  1. Keep the tape taut, especially when measuring body length and inside leg.
  2. Let someone help you take measurements, especially while measuring chest width, height and inside leg length.
  3. Take measurements dressed in body-tight underwear or similar clothing.
  4. Measurement tape should be kept tight around your body without “cutting” it in.
  5. The expert tips: Take your waist measurement by placing your four fingers palm-faced against your body and between your waist and measuring tape. The workwear clothing should always have a little more comfort.

Extra tip: Check for the CE pictogram label inside the garment. The CE-marked clothes should always include it as it informs you about the product size and the corresponding measurements.

Snickers Workwear Size Charts for Everyone

The company has one of the widest selections of different sizes that fit not only the standard heights and sizes but above. It doesn’t matter how tall you are, your weight or your body shape, you’ll certainly find your perfect fit with our Snickers Workwear size generator.

Snickers Workwear Sizes for Men’s Bottoms

While choosing the work trousers, check the 3xxx or 6xxx chart especially designed for 3-series, resp. 6-series trousers. In the Snickers trousers size charts below, look for the measurements and follow them to the corresponding size.

We want to remind you that 6-series includes tighter and slimmer models than the 3-series. In that case, you should usually consider a size bigger.

3XXX Men’s Trousers

Note that sizes marked with blue are standard sizes for jeans available in stock. On the other hand, shorts can be found in Regular length, while Pirates in Short and Regular sizes.

Size Chart for Men's 3XXX Trousers
Source: Snickers Workwear

6xxx Men’s Trousers

Standard jeans sizes that are regularly available in stock are marked with blue. Shorts are available in Regular size, while Pirates are in both Regular and Short lengths.

Size Chart for Men's 6XXX Trousers by Snickers
Source: Snickers Workwear

One-piece Trousers

Remember to choose a bigger size for one-piece trousers than when buying regular on-the-waist trousers.

Size Chart for One-piece Snickers Trousers
Source: Snickers Workwear

Other Men’s Bottoms

If you are thinking of buying Snickers underwear or clothes for rain, check the following chart.

Size Chart for Men's Bottoms by Snickers Workwear
Source: Snickers Workwear

Snickers Size Chart for Men’s Jackets and Topwear

Are you considering buying a jacket, fleece, shirt, vest or an overall by Snickers? In that case, the top measurements you need to take are your body length, chest and waist width.

Please note that fleeces and vests are usually stocked in Regular sizes.

Size Chart for Men's Jackets & Topwear by Snickers
Source: Snickers Workwear

Junior’s Sizes for Little Craftsmen

Are you planning to buy Snickers Workwear clothing for a little helper to keep you company? They surely deserve the fitting clothes that feel comfortable while they learn new stuff by your side, looking at you as an almighty superhero that can create something useful or wonderful from barely anything. Check the following chart to find the corresponding size for your heir.

Size Chart for Juniors' Snickers Workwear Clothing
Source: Snickers Workwear

Snickers Trousers Sizes for Women

Women deserve high-quality and good-fitting workwear clothing as much as men do. Therefore, Snickers has produced a series of women’s products that will fit the different body characteristics of every woman. Check the size chart for trousers below.

Size Chart for Women's Snickers Workwear Clothing
Source: Snickers Workwear

Sizes of Women’s Jackets and Other Top Wear

If you want to buy a women’s jacket or fleece, vest, T-shirt or other top wear by Snickers, measure your chest and waist and check the corresponding sizes below.

Size Chart for Women's Jackets & Topwear by Snickers
Source: Snickers Workwear

Snickers Size Charts for Accessories

Complete your protective clothing by acquiring suitable accessories such as headwear and gloves. They should also fit you well, letting you feel good while wearing them.

Buying your headwear like hats, caps, and beanies requires the measurement of your head circumference at its widest point. Choosing a glove to fit your hand perfectly depends on your hand circumference and length. Measure the hand length from the bottom of your palm to the top of your middle finger.


Size Chart for Snickers Workwear Headwear
Source: Snickers Workwear


Size Chart for Gloves by Snickers Workwear
Source: Snickers Workwear

We hope our Snickers size guide helped you with your choice. If you have any additional questions, please contact our customer service. We will be more than happy to give you tips and all the necessary information.