FLEX WEAR including headband and cap mount

FLEX WEAR is the indispensable little companion you can take with you everywhere. When it is dark at the worksite it accomplishes two purposes at the same time: safety is increased as you will be visible moving around and working comfort will be increased as you get light to illuminate exactly where you are and where you are working.

Despite its smallness FLEX WEAR is providing as much as 150 lumen. Light output can be adjusted in 2 steps according to the job, 50% or 100%. Apart from the main light, FLEX WEAR is designed with a spotlight providing 100 lumen. The design of FLEX WEAR is very smooth, delicate, and compact with rounded edges and really lightweight, only 42 g.

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Maximum usability and flexibility

With the additional accessories in FLEX WEAR KIT you will obtain maximum usability and flexibility. The mounting device can be used to mount FLEX WEAR on your cap.

FLEX WEAR can be used as headlamp when mounted on the headband. Fixed in the front FLEX WEAR can be turned 360° to obtain the best possible lighting angle. If a long-distance orientation light is needed FLEX WEAR can be positioned at the side of the headband taking advantage of the spotlight.

FLEX WEAR is 100% flexible work light with numerous areas of application. Use it exactly where you want: in your chest or pant pocket with the built-in clip, on your cap with the special mounting device or use it as headlamp mounted on the headband. FLEX WEAR can also be used as a flashlight for inspection or positioned and fixed with the built-in magnet to illuminate your work area.

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