Petromax Cooler Box 25L- Sand

Being well prepared for days without electricity? The Petromax Cooler Box kx25 allows you to be self-sufficient for adventures lasting several days. The ultra-passive cooling system is operated solely with commercially available ice or ice packs. Without a compressor or absorber, the double-walled and cavity-insulated kx25 keeps ice cold for up to 12 days!

Unbeatable advantage: The interior of the kx25 is designed in such a way that up to 24 x 0.33 l cans or 12 x 1 l bottles can be stored and transported upright in the 25 l volume. Even freshly caught fish or provisions you have brought with you will find their ideal storage place in your Petromax cool box.

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Cooling system with format

The insulation layer of the Petromax Cooler Box of at least 45 mm guarantees you the longest possible temperature stability inside when used outdoors. But that’s not all: The robust PE body is so stable that you can easily use the box as a raised seat or stand. This allows you to comfortably cast your fishing rod or get an overview of your surroundings. Thanks to its clear-edged design, the kx25 can also be easily stacked and stowed in the hold or below deck. The integrated drainage system makes it easier for you to refill ice and clean the cold storage compartment later on. This allows you to drain melt water at any time – especially during use. This allows you to extend the cooling time according to your needs.

Adventure-friendly handling

The demands on reliable equipment are particularly high when cooking outdoors and using it in nature. In addition to the extremely long temperature stability, there are other functions that make the Petromax cool box suitable for adventures: Recesses on the lid allow lashing crosswise. This allows you to stow your kx25 safely for transportation on the deck of your boat or on the loading area of your pick-up. The ergonomic carrying handles on the sides can also be used as strap guides, allowing you to open the bag when it is securely loaded. The non-slip rubber fasteners can be operated with one hand and you have a firm grip on them even with wet fingers. Reinforced locking plates and in combination with a standard shackle lock provide additional protection against wild animals. The four rubber feet on the bottom of the cool box ensure a firm stand and additional air circulation from below.

With the Petromax Cooler Box kx25, nothing stands in the way of you and the experience of original cooking with fire.

Correct use of the cooler box

– Cool down the cool box in a cold room or with ice before use

– Only fill with pre-cooled drinks and food

– Ideally use large blocks of ice in one piece

– Always place ice packs or ice on top, as the cold sinks to the bottom

– Open deliberately and sparingly

– Keep the box in a cool, shady place when traveling and avoid direct sunlight

– Store and transport upright

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