Teng Tools Top Box Tool Kit – 140pcs – TC8140NF

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We love this set here at HLS, our favourite top box tool chest, pre-filled with 140 of the most essemtials tools, beautifully laid out with Teng’s TC system. All at an excellent price.

The tools that come with the top box include socket sets, spanners, pliers, screwdrivers and a selection of adjustable wrenches, power grip pliers, a utility knife, hacksaw, hammers, a measuring tape and a steel rule. Clearly a wide range of the essentials.

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Product Description

Comes prefilled with a wide selection of tools including sockets, spanners, screwdrivers and lots more. This Kit is made up with the Teng TC system which is designed around plastic trays that join together. So you can easily swap out different trays depending on what you need for the job. Trays can also be easily switched between tool chests and the SC01 Portable Tool Kit.

Teng Tools 1001 Mega Master Tool Kit Top BoxThe Teng Tools 1001 Tool Kit is built upon the 8 series of Teng tool chests. These are the highest quality boxes available from Teng and a built to last.

With the Teng Tools Top box Tool Kit you’re fully inducted into the Teng Tool Control System, meaning all Teng TT trays fit into the drawers like Lego. Then every tool has it’s place, great for quick access, and knowing when a tool is missing

Other features:

  • Smooth ball bearing rails
  • Fully lockable with combination lock
  • Heavy duty carrying handles at the ends.
  • Comes with plastic tray for storage of tools in top box

TC8140NF Contents

Drawer 1 of 6 – Empty Lined Drawer

Drawer 2 of 6 – Empty Lined Drawer

Drawer 3 of 6 – Empty Lined Drawer

Drawer 4 of 6

TT1435 – 35 piece ¼” socket set
TT3819 – 19 piece 3/8″ socket set
TT1217 – 17 piece ½” socket set
TT1205 – 5 piece ½” ratchet handle set

Drawer 4 of 6

TT1435 – 35 piece ¼” socket set
TT3819 – 19 piece 3/8″ socket set
TT1217 – 17 piece ½” socket set
TT1205 – 5 piece ½” ratchet handle set

Drawer 5 of 6

TT1236 – 12 piece combination spanner set
TT917N – 7 piece screwdriver set
TT440-T – 4 piece tong set with two component handles
TTALU – 32 piece clip set

Drawer 6 of 6

TTPS09 – 9 piece tool kit set

Teng Tools Everlasting Power GuaranteeTeng Tools Everlasting Power Guarantee

Teng Tools products are designed to be used by professionals and are fully supported by the Teng Tools Everlasting Power Guarantee.

The “Everlasting Power Guarantee” means should any Teng product fail or break under normal working conditions due to faulty workmanship or material product, it will be replaced or repaired.

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