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Grease Pipes

Grease pipes play a pivotal role in ensuring the effective delivery of lubricants to machinery parts.

At HLS, we offer a curated selection of grease pipes, grease tubes, grease lines, and grease tube protectors tailored to various applications’ diverse needs.

Our collection features products from trusted brands, encompassing options like the Steel Grease Tube, Polymide Grease Tubes in different diameters, the Lincoln Helix Grease Tube Protector, and the Nylon Braid Grease Line. Each product is designed with precision, ensuring durability and optimal performance.

HLS has been a frontrunner in the engineering & industrial supplies domain in Ireland for over three decades. Our specialisation lies in Automatic Lubrication Systems and Hydraulic Hose Assembly. Catering to a wide array of sectors, we have carved a niche for ourselves with our unparalleled expertise and commitment to quality.

Explore our entire selection below, get in touch with us, or drop by our Ashbourne showroom to learn more about our assortment of grease pipes from leading brands.

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Automatic Lubrication Parts

Steel Grease Tube 6mm

7.11 inc.Vat

Automatic Lubrication Parts

Helix Grease Tube Protector

2.21 inc.Vat

Automatic Lubrication Parts

8.6mm Nylon Braid Grease Line

4.95 inc.Vat

Automatic Lubrication Parts

6mm Polymide Grease Tube

2.85 inc.Vat
Out of stock

Automatic Lubrication Parts

4mm Polymide Grease Tube

2.85 inc.Vat