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Adaptors for grease fittings are essential tools in the lubrication process, ensuring that machinery and equipment are lubricated seamlessly.

At HLS, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive range of adaptors and lubrication equipment to cater to various industrial and engineering needs. Our collection includes cartridge filler adaptors tailored to fit renowned brands such as Graco, Beka/Vogel, and Lincoln grease pumps. Additionally, we provide grease bulkhead fittings, grease manifolds, and a variety of grease port angle adaptors. These adaptors are meticulously designed to ensure efficient lubrication and seamless operation in diverse applications.

HLS has been a leading engineering & industrial supplies company in Ireland for over 30 years, specialising in Automatic Lubrication Systems and Hydraulic Hose Assembly.

Explore our entire selection below, get in touch with us, or drop by our Ashbourne showroom to learn more about our assortment of adaptors from leading brands.

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