The non-stop operation of a wastewater treatment plant exposes the individual components to great strain. The dirty, humid or wet environment makes this application even more difficult and tremendously challenges the running of the components. Therefore, special attention should be paid to maintenance and service concepts.

Improved Efficiency

A centralized automatic lubrication system by HLS decisively contributes to making a waste water treatment plant work more reliably, economically, safely and efficiently. Whether you have one lubrication point or several hundred. Our automatic systems are also fully modular and can be designed to suit any application perfectly.

Financial Sense

Our Wastewater Treatment Plant Lubrication Systems are an excellent economical investment. Automatic Lubrication system will substantially reduce expensive downtime, both planned and unplanned. They will also reduce the amount of parts being replaced due to failure. Moving parts such as bearings and pins can wear quickly though their metal parts if not lubricated sufficiently.

Safer Wastewater Plant

Automatic Lubrication will also lubricate parts that are very inaccessible. Lubrication points over deep tanks with moving machinery inside are impossible to lubricate safely. Our system will remove the risk to staff. It will also never overlook a point, leading to more reliable lubrication.

Graco Lubrication

We only use the highest quality Graco Pumps, Parts and fittings for guaranteed reliability. Graco have been manufacturing lubrication parts for almost 100 years, and their name is extremely well regarded, requested by companies again and again.

All Graco parts have been designed to withstand the harsh outdoor environments. The pumps housing isn’t susceptible to UV rays and is rated to IP6K9K against damage and moisture. The strong motor and high pressure divider valves mean operation at minus temperatures.

Bearings, pins, chains, gears and rails and all be lubricated from a centralised reservoir meaning you can keep your whole plant constantly and reliably lubricated with the minimum of effort.

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