When it comes to generating electricity, a generator not running is very quickly money lost. Whether this is because of a scheduled shut down for lubrication or because of a breakdown. Having a Graco Lubrication System will substantially increase the amount of time your generators run.

A Lubrication system can lubricate while the machine is running for more up time and optimal lubrication. Automatic Lubrication will also ensure that there will be no wear of fast moving parts leading to wear, damage and break down.

Wind Turbines

Wind turbines have lots of moving parts, most requiring lubrication, most very inaccessible. A Graco Automatic Lubrication System can regularly lubricate all parts with the minimum of maintenance, this means less need to stop the turbine as well as lower labour costs. The extremely durable system will also work even in the harshest offshore sites.

When it comes to generating electricity, a generator not running amounts very quickly to lost money

Bio Gas

Bio fuel and Bio Gas generators and fermenters have several moving parts that are both essential to keep moving and inaccessible without spoiling a batch. An automatic lubrication system will continually lubricate all parts needed without opening the tank, or the need for somebody to visit the fermenter daily. An Automatic Lubrication System will also decrease down time of aerators and stirrers leading to better gas yields.

Other Generators

The renewable energy sector is expanding constantly, creating new means of generating electricity, too many to mention here.

This is no challenge for our modular Automatic Lubrication Systems, they can be designed to suit any application. It can automatically lubricate anything that requires lubrication

Automatic Lubrication for a Wind Turbine

Automatic Lubrication for a Wood Chipping Plant