Plant Machinery Auto Grease System

service-sectors-plant2Our auto grease system will make keeping any plant machinery lubricated easy. Hydraulic arms with several pivot points have many lubrication points, many in hard to reach places which can be overlooked.

By fitting an auto grease System your machine will always be optimally lubricated extending its life and reducing the amount of breakdowns.


service-sectors-plant1Machines that work in dusty and dirty environments can be more as risk to damage from abrasion, but by having joints continually lubricated they create a grease “donut” seal around each pin and bushing which acts as a barrier keeping contamination out.

Our Auto Grease Systems and Pumps are extremely durable to stand up to the harsh conditions of machines on sites and in quarries. All parts work in temperatures as low as -25°C, are fully dust resistant, shock and weatherproof.

All our systems can come with an optional Cab Button and Indicator light. This allows the operator to start a lubrication sequence manually and shows when the system is running a cycle.


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