Our Automatic Greasing system will ensure your production lines keep running.

Fast moving machinery, especially in harsh conditions with water, soap and other chemicals, require frequent lubrication, which can be very difficult to achieve on a manual schedule.

If parts miss lubrication they quickly wear and fail stopping all production, very expensive for parts, labour and especially production time lost.

Production lines with conveyor belts and chains have a lot of points that require lubrication, some in hard to reach places that can be easily overlooked and forgotten.

Graco Automatic Greasing System

A Graco Greasing System can lubricate 1 to 2000+ points from one reservoir, giving peace of mind that every point is lubricated.

Food and Beverage production facilities vary widely depending on what is produced, and the different materials being handled have different regulations. We guarantee we can design a manual or automatic greasing system for your requirements, not just greases but oils and other lubricants too. Our fully modular system can feed different number of points, apply different accurate metered amounts of lubricants to different points, lubricate any mechanism including chains, bearings, gears all from a single pump.

All manual and Automatic Greasing Systems can also be optionally fitted with stainless steel fittings, essential in environments where corrosive materials are handled or where there’s high heat.

Food & Beverage Processing

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