Our lubrication systems can be fitted to any Agriculture Machinery, from the biggest harvesters to smaller trailers. It can be fully automatic for peace of mind, or manual so you only have to lubricate one centralised point manually. We can also lubricate any moving part; grease points, bearings, chains and gears will all be kept moving with minimum wear.

By having an Automatic Lubrication System you can be assured that all your moving parts will be kept lubricated, so even on long harvest days you can be assured there is no wear leading to a long and expensive break down just when working conditions are right.

Graco G1 Installed onto a John Deere Tractor

Claas Xerion 5000 Tractor

The Graco Automated Lubrication System parts are all designed to be a tough as the machine it’s attached to. The pump is made of heavy-duty, fibre-reinforced resin to be protected against damage and moisture; and the metered divider blocks are one piece machined steel.

All automatic and manual lubrication systems can be optionally fitted with stainless steel fittings for use in high corrosive environments. In fact by having an automatic lubrication system, all moving parts will constantly have a seal of grease protecting the parts against oxidants.

Selling a machine with a lubrication system will also increase the sale price. A lubrication system is a sure sign that all moving parts will have minimum wear, giving confidence to the buyer that thee machine will give little trouble and will add years extra to the machines life span.

Even on Long harvest days you can be assured there is no wear leading to a long expensive breakdown